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Nina Murray is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 12 years of experience owning her practice and providing tons of relief to her clients.

However, Nina's practice was getting stuck and stagnating. She wasn't sure what to do. Her time was stretched because she was overflowing with clients, but her associates weren't. There wasn't consistency in appointments and clients would not follow through on their treatment.

She's worked with several other coaches and programs over the years, but nothing seemed to help.

Before joining Patients & Profit, Nina was already doing $20K per month but she wanted more. Nina wanted to scale, reduce her costs, increase consistency, create a machine that works without her in the practice, and break $30k per month.

The Results

As a result of Nina's consistent and diligent action within the program, she was able to increase her annual revenue by $140K in just 4 weeks.

Nina's practice has continued to grow and she will be collecting over $1 M in revenue in 2021!

The biggest victory is a more personal one. She was able to retire her husband from a career that was killing him and freeing up their quality of life.

The Process

When Nina joined, she determined the exact customer details she and her team wanted to work with. We helped her step-by-step with her ideal patient and setting up her customized system to bring people into her practice.

."What I needed most was for someone to give simple action items so I could make the steps happen systematically. That's what I immediately got from James and this is how we've been able to make rapid growth!"

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