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Before Erica joined Patients & Profit, she was struggling to maintain a consistent clientele and this was costing her dearly. She's been a chiropractor for 14 years and 7 of those years she's owned her practice. She was consistently bringing in $12K/M, but this was not enough to support her family.

Erica had gone on maternity leave for her second child and when she came back, none of her clients remained.

It was at that this point she realized what she never learned in chiropractic school.

You are provided the tools how to treat your clients, but not the tools and the systems it takes to have a successful, profitable practice while providing incredible care.

Erica was looking for a system so she could retain her clientele, grow her profits, provide top of the line care for her clients, and live the life she had dreamt of with her family.

The Results

Erica immediately started seeing results! She set goals and would crush them. In 4 months she added $200K to her annual revenue.

The Process

Erica was hungry to make a change and that's what she did. With James' guiding direction and support, Erica priced herself what she was worth, reengaged old clients, and now had a systematic approach of how to run her practice.

Erica is no longer worried that if she takes time away from her practice that the clients won't leave. She crushed her original goals and just keeps setting her sights higher for what she can achieve.

"Life is no longer stressful. I can be with my family, grow my practice, and don't carry the burden of worry that I once had."

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