"Increased my annual income by $70,000 in two months"

Rachel Siditsky

"We doubled the practice in about the first three or four months..."

Jamie Schwass

"What I love about the program is that everything is there and it's really easy to implement"

Valerie Cachola-Wheeler

What PracticeOwner is all about...

At PracticeOwner, our programs are ALL built around one thing: RESULTS.
While other programs hand you a bunch of information and then leave you on your own, we are different. We hold your hand every step of the way and coach you through the entire process. This is why PracticeOwner has better results than any other program, anywhere in the world.
Every review we are sharing here is 100% verified and authentic. No client is ever paid, rewarded, or compensated in any way for their feedback. These are real health professionals who have worked us to grow their businesses.
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My gratitude is endless for this program

Yesterday was one year since I started working with PracticeOwner.
Looking back, I was nervous about making such a big investment in myself but I’m so glad that I did. At the time I was seeing about 25 clients per week and the goal for the program was to get to 50. Not only did I get there, but I also was able to hire a front desk assistant and my first associate.
I am now consistently hitting 30k revenue months, moving into a new office space that is 4x the capacity and in the hiring process with 3 more associates. Over the next year I will be shifting from a clinical role to managing my team.🤩
My gratitude is endless for this program. Thank you so much James and Delsey - don’t want to imagine where I would be without PracticeOwner!

A little more About Cassie…

Cassie is a Dr of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. 

£28,000 takings last month!!!!

🙏 £28,000 takings last month!!!! I just want to share my journey with you on how I got here. My new systems and processes are obviously working. I changed my consultation process, I suggest full treatment plans, rebook clients, run successful fb ads and it is all just coming together. It has been a hell of a lot of work, I won't lie.....but it has certainly paid off.

Although it felt very overwhelming in the beginning back in October last year when I first joined PracticeOwner, I have now 'tweeked' my mindset and with the constant support and guidance from James and Delsey, I can manage this overwhelm. I ask for guidance when I feel out of alignment with something, or if I am unsure what direction to go with something, and I always receive excellent advise. 
I also tune in regularly to the coaching calls, and always come away with something helpful from them. Also, all you guys on here [members group] inspire me, I love reading all your success posts, it gives me fire in my belly to know that I have got this, and that I can continue to grow my business to a next exciting level (but work less). 😂 

Thank you all so very much. 🙏

A little more about Fiona...

I am the owner of an aesthetics clinic called The Face Place, where I offer treatments including botox, facial fillers etc. I love learning new things!

I officially made 30k in 2 weeks...

I wanted to share that my monthly average in sales has just become my biweekly average in sales. I officially made 30k in 2 weeks.
I'm thankful to PracticeOwner and all the resources. Excited that starting June I am officially opening another room and adding on a Medical Assistant to be able to see all of these patients.
Goal is to hire practitioners soon and eventually move into my own space...

A little more about Alizah...

CEO and Medical Speech Pathologist, specialising in client-centered myofunctional therapy. 

Best business decision I ever made!

It's not a waste of money.... promise you that!
I've spent money on other marketing platforms with zero results so I was a little hesitant at first too! But after praying on it I felt really good about and decided to go for it.Best business decision I ever made! I started running ads with PracticeOwner in the beginning of October.
Since I started running these ads, for every dollar I've spent in marketing I've gotten almost 4 dollars back. And the best part is you truly get the understanding of how fb ads works and how to build them effectively. Plus, outside of working with PracticeOwner, you have us! We all have different backgrounds and are from different areas so we have different insights as to how we use Facebook ads and what has been working for us in our areas and in our professions.
You can't lose with the system!

A little more about Daniel...

I'm a licensed massage therapist in California.

Our best month to date after 12 years of business...

Before working with PracticeOwner, my business was doing about 20,000 a month with three massage therapists and we were doing ok. But it wasn't providing me the freedom that I was really looking for today. 
After working with PracticeOwner for just a few weeks, we have four massage therapists and are on track to add another 10,000 to our revenue this month, which will put us at our best month to date after 12 years of business. Super exciting.
It has created a huge buzz in my community and we have a waiting list of probably about 65 people right now that we're trying to work through to get them booked in on the schedule. I would totally recommend this program. The way they explain things is kind of like the keystone that just put all the pieces together for me and made the puzzle just fall into place.
I'm super excited to see how far this can go.
Nina's update from 2022: "We had our best year over 400K in revenue!"

A little more about Nina...

Massage therapist and Business Owner. 

"Busiest week yet!!! Just had the most amazing week in practice..."

Kudzai Zvenyika

"Within two months... I've almost doubled how many patients I'm seeing a week."

Kayla Ring

"You truly get the understanding of how FB ads works and how to build them effectively..."

Daniel Moralis

I couldn't be happier...

Before starting with PracticeOwner, I was confused all the time and pretty frustrated.
I struggled with challenges like client acquisition and client retention, chronic cancellations. I was throwing money at Facebook and Instagram ads and Google ads, and nothing was working. I was really just wasting money. I felt like I had no one to turn to, to answer my questions. I really wasn't getting anywhere fast, and every action step took so much effort. 
Then I joined practice owner, and I couldn't be happier with that decision. James and Delsey have guided me through the process of nurturing my leads, converting those leads, making my ads work, and not just work, but work really well and getting lots of leads and lots of people coming into the clinic and retain those clients for longer. That's been a huge thing.

When I started the program, my numbers looked around like ~ 9,000 a month, and it was inconsistent. And last month I just hit 16,000, and that was just six months of being in the program. So I've had exponential financial growth and emotional growth.
They've taught me how to think like an entrepreneur and a business owner, learning how to put out my own fires. And I honestly just couldn't have done this without this team. 

A little more about Arielle...

I'm a Doctor of Chinese Medicine located in San Diego, California. I practice acupuncture and herbal medicine.

So grateful for this platform...

Busiest week yet!!!
Just had the most amazing week in practice. 73 client visits (normally 48). WOW!! 58 already booked for next week. It's been a wonderful week.
So grateful for this platform.

A little more about Kudzai...

Kudzai is a Chiropractor, her business is based in New Zealand.

They care about your success...

Within two months of working really closely with the team, I've almost doubled how many patients I'm seeing a week with more and more leads coming through. And I think what's the most invaluable about working closely with PracticeOwner (with with James and Delsey and Damien) is how much they care about your success.
That accountability is probably the most important thing, at least for me.

A little more about Kayla...

I am a licensed acupuncturist.

Love the support of the community and the coaches...

Before I joined PracticeOwner, I had just moved to a new state about a year prior and was getting ready to start a new practice and the thought of starting over again was really daunting and overwhelming. But within the first couple weeks of joining I didn't feel as stressed as I thought I was going to because they give you the steps and information you need to start building your practice right away. 

So within the first couple weeks... I learned how to set up ads, launch ads, communicate with leads and new patients, and start to build systems for the practice. Within the first couple weeks of launching ads I had spent about $300, but was able to make $2,000 right away. So I was really happy with the ROI and since then I've just been implementing everything that they teach you. 

What I love about the program is that everything is there and it's really easy to implement. The coaches are really awesome and they're always there to answer your questions. I love coming to the coaching calls, and being a part of the community with other practitioners is really helpful because it can feel lonely sometimes...

So I definitely love having the support of the community and the coaches.

A little more about Valerie...

I am a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner specializing in women's health. 

Really simple and effective…

Post covid one of our practices was really struggling. We didn't have much new patient flow. We were really struggling to get an ad strategy in place that was effective and getting a nice flow through for both us and our Associates.
When we started working with PracticeOwner, there's some really nice simple ways of developing a strategy and also implementing ads and campaigns that are really simple and effective and it really helped us grow the practice. We doubled the practice in about the first three or four months and now we just get a nice steady flow through of new clients for both us and our Associates.
I would highly recommend these programs as I think they've been absolutely beneficial to us in the last 18 months.

A little more about Jamie...

Jamie is a Chiropractor in New Zealand. 

My practice has just flourished…

I started December of 21 and my practice has just flourished. So thank you so much to the PracticeOwner team for what you've done and what you've set up for me to follow.
It was very clear from the beginning. I just followed the steps and things just started changing overnight, literally. I started during the Christmas holiday, started marketing, started building systems, I tapped into my current patients, got new patients, and I doubled my revenue in the first three weeks. It was fantastic.

They teach us to really follow the numbers and math and then you're able to do adjustments and make fixes to actually refine things. It's fantastic. Following the guides and scripts is tremendously helpful. Everything caused me less stress. I have more peace of mind, I have better time with my patients, patients are even happier than they were before and I’m getting great results for everyone.

Now that people are becoming more aware of me, better referrals are happening, and I'm getting great relationships with doctors. The software is super helpful too, the marketing templates are very helpful. The group itself is helpful because it contains colleagues in similar situations, we share experiences and it is just wonderful.
The PO team really has changed everything. 

A little more about Anthony...

Anthony is a TCM Physician & California board certified Acupuncturist.

"After just a few weeks...we are on track to add another 10,000 to our revenue this month"

Nina Murray

"I've had exponential financial growth...They've taught me how to think like an entrepreneur and a business owner"

Arielle Caruso

"it gives me fire in my belly to know that... I can continue to grow my business to the next exciting level"

Fiona Bradley

"We had our BEST month ever...this is a huge win"

Suzanne Buffie

We tripled our collections!

We had our BEST month ever in both our Winnipeg and Arizona clinics! This is a huge win 😀

In Arizona we tripled our collections from April-May and in Winnipeg we added $10,000 more in May compared to April (which previously was our best month ever).

A little more about Suzanne...

Chiropractor and owner of multiple clinics.

"THE coaches that finally made me the 'true CEO of my business'!!"

Vivian Asamoah
Integrative Gut Doctor

True CEO of my business...

A lifetime opportunity to actually meet THE coaches that finally made me the "true CEO of my business".

It was kinda surreal!🌈 Meeting other "practice owners" in the same club was amazing🙌. The energy was truly electric...

PracticeOwner is the REAL DEAL!! Dive into their resources, join their masterminds/intensives, and JUST GET STARTED!

Our FM practice generates about 170k a year. Can’t wait to scale …..

A little more about Vivian...

Dr. Vivian Asamoah, or “Dr. V” as her patients affectionately call her, is board-certified in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. She brings over 15 years of experience to her practice where she strives to deliver the most thorough and comprehensive care to patients who entrust their health to her.